Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Email for Customers who want to set up their own Thrive Life Q

Today I've been working on following up from a party I had last week.  I have several customers who didn't attend the party but wanted more information on the Q

Generally I like to set up customers Qs.  This way I can help them figure out what they really want and make sure it all set up correctly and tied to the correct party.  

This is the letter I sent to one of my customers who wanted more info.   You can view this letter as a Google document here.

You requested more information on the Thrive Life Q and developing a plan for your family’s food storage.  Thrive Life wants to make it easy to build your food storage and we offer two tools to help you.
1.       The Thrive Life Planner
The planner is a free tool that helps you develop a food storage plan for your family.  It only takes about 5 minutes to set up a plan that is personalized to your family needs.

Try out the FREE Food Storage Planner today
2.      The Q
Think of the Thrive Life Q as your Netflix Queue, but for food storage.  You create a list of products (or use the planner to create one) you would like in your food storage and set your maximum monthly budget.  The Q system does the work to make sure you build up your home store over time.

A week before your items are set to ship you will receive an e-mail telling you what is coming so you can make any changes.   The Q takes the hassle out of shopping, so sit back, relax, and let THRIVE food come to your door.

I know you want your Q to count toward S......’s party.   You can set it up online and when your first order processed I’ll “tie” it to her party, or when you have looked at it give me a call (435-535-1470) and I’ll help you set it up.
Heather Lorimer
Platinum Executive, Thrive Life

Monday, July 15, 2013

Thrive Life Emergency Cube

Earlier today I had a consultant ask some questions about “the Emergency Cube”    I love it when customers buy large packages like the cube but it is tricky to find all the information on it. 
·         ID number 25444 price $3,723.00
This package is not available online it is only available through a home party consultant.  (email heather@teamshelfreliance.com for more information)
·         The package is named “emergency cube” because it come on a pallet wrapped in shrink wrap (in boxes) and it forma a huge cube.
·         The Cube is a Costco Match
·         1 year supply for 4 people
·         378 #10 cans -- 63 boxes of food -- 30,000 servings. 
·         Retail price: $5,607.00
·         If you were to buy everything individually at party price it would cost $5017.09  (that does not include the Sausage TVP or the Apple Slices).
·         The emergency cube contains Apple Slices and Sausage TVP, those items are unavailable for purchase outside of a package. 
·         The Emergency Cube contains: 
42 Hard White Winter Wheat
36 White Rice
14 Pearled Barley
10 Whole Wheat Flour
10 White Flour
8 Quick Oats
8 Cornmeal
8 Elbow Macaroni
20 Potato Chunks
12 Sweet Corn (FD)
8 Broccoli (FD)
4 Carrot Dices
4 Onions (FD)
8 Green Peas (FD)
2 Banana Slices (FD)
6 Strawberries (FD)
4 Raspberries (FD)
10 Apple Slices
36 Powdered Milk
6 Cheese Blend
6 Chocolate Drink Mix
6 Whole Egg Powder
8 Chicken TVP
14 Pinto Beans
12 Black Beans
4 Sausage TVP
4 Ham TVP
8 Lentils
8 Beef TVP
6 Taco TVP
2 Salt, Iodized
2 Chicken Bouillon
6 Brown Sugar
2 Baking Powder
2 Beef Bouillon
10 White Sugar
6 Orchard Apple Drink Mix
6 Orange Bliss Drink Mix
4 Simply Peach Drink Mix
6 Fudge Brownies

Thrive Life New Products July 2013


o   Available in pantry can size only
o    ID # 22899 
o   Retail Price $19.99 Q club Price $17.00 
o   Shelf Life 5 years unopened 1 year opened.  
o   MSG Free, Gluten Free
o   One pantry can makes  56 quarts (14 gallons)
o   Vitamin Fortified, with 100% vitamin C
o   Add your own sweetener—come unsweetened
o   Seasonal Item
o   Complimentary Items—Berry Lemonade pack Retail $60.58 Q Club $52.99  includes:  Classic Lemonade, FD Strawberries, FD Raspberries, FD Blueberries.
o   Chef Todds Recipes :  Lemon Berry Icee,   Gourmet Fruit Lemonade
o   My Review:   As you know, as a part of the product advisory board I get to sample potential new products. I tried the lemonade earlier this spring. I made it exactly according to the directions. This lemonade is unsweetened so you add your own sweetener. I used regular white sugar in the proportions recommended.  It was great. It was so good I almost didn't share it with my family. My family likes our lemonade a tart so I’m thinking we will be using a little less sugar in the future. I invited my “drink snob” brother over to taste the lemonade and he said that he really liked it. My husband and I were so sad when we finished the sample we were given. This is one product I’m super excited about. I’ve already added it to this month’s Q. I think you’ll like it too.

·         New Emergency Products

·         All American Sun Oven
This new and improved sun oven allows you to cook or dehydrate foods
and pasteurize water using only the power of the sun! Weighs 22 lbs. and
reaches heats up to 400F.  #57566 $449.99 Q Club: $334.99
*The All American Sun Oven will hold regular sized baking pans.  This is a huge improvement over the older version. 

·         Katadyn Drip Ceradyn
This gravity-fed counter top unit can filter up to 40,000 gallons of water
(1 gallon per hour) with its three 0.2 micron ceramic filters.
#52572 $349.99 Q Club: $319.99
Replacement Filter
#52573 $269.99 Q Club: $209.99

·         Turbo Toilet
This portable toilet comes with 12 biodegradable bags and supports up
to 350 lbs.  #59529 $69.99 Q Club: $59.99
Turbo Toilet Refill Pack #59528 $9.99 Q Club: $5.99
      Sleeping Bags
These heavy-duty bags have ripstop nylon shells, include a zipper lock
strap, and can be zipped together. Stay warm in any weather! Adult
bags are 90.5” long x 40” wide (Kid Grizzly is 60” x 30”).
Kid Grizzly +20˚ (3.5 lb weight, 2 lb fill) #50162 $59.99 Q Club: $49.99
Blue Mesa +25˚ (5.5 lb weight, 4 lb fill) #50163 $119.99 Q Club: $92.99
Rapid 0˚ (6.5 lb weight, 5 lb fill) #50164 $129.99 Q Club: $109.99
Shedhorn -25˚ (8 lb weight, 6 lb fill) #50165 $169.99 Q Club: $124.99