Shelf Reliance Consultant Quick Start Training

New Consultant Quick Start Training
How To Get Your Business Moving Fast
By: Heather Lorimer

I am excited for you to begin your journey as a Shelf Reliance Consultant. I have spent countless hours creating this training from those who join my team, Shelf Reliance Leaders. I have several more resources that I use to coach and encourage my first level consultants. If you'd like to join my team go here. You can be assured you will get one of the best supporting enrollers in Shelf Reliance.

Thanks to the world wide web this resource is available to all Shelf Reliance consultants.  It’s my way of giving back.  If you are on one of my 3 levels then ask me questions anytime. I only have so much time to devote to my Shelf Reliance business and team. I am also a busy mom with 3 young children.  

If you are not on my three levels then please ask your enroller about any questions you have regarding the information you see here. To see your upline log into your Shelf Reliance back office and click on "upline consultants.’’  Once again if you have not signed up to be a consultant yet, I encourage you to join Shelf Reliance Leaders!

Get Educated—Week 1

1.     Read
·         The Consultant FAQs  these will answer many of your questions.  You might want to print it out and keep it handy to refer back to. 

2.     Watch
·         Video from the Consultant Starter Kit
·         Q Presentation by Lisa Warnick2”—YouTube
·         Shelf Reliance: Amber Pearce Home Store”—YouTube
-     Heatherpresentation --YouTube This is my party presentation.
·         Thrive Q Set Up Video”—YouTube
-    "Managing your Q (for Customers)"--YouTube

3.     Listen To
·         Corporate Conference Call.  Every Tuesday, check your e-mail for times. 
·         Past Conference Calls that are seriously awesome!
o   The Commission Plan by Becky Powell or The Commission Plan by Sherry Brower and Amber Pearce
o The Shelf Reliance Opportunity by Jason Norton and Jason Budge 
o Developing Your Team by Misty Marsh 
o   How To Be Successful At Expos and Events, by the Abbotts

4.     To Do
·         Make a party binder 
·         Get in touch with your up line and find out what training they offer.   Make suggestions.  Tell them what you need.  Ask questions.
To find out who is your upline: Log In →Upline Consultants and you’ll see and three
·         Play around on the admin site. Make sure you understand how to:
o   Log In      
o   Add a customer    (this is a link I can't get it to be blue)
o   Create an event      (this is a link I can't get it to be blue)
o   Place an order   (this is a link I can't get it to be blue)

5.     Explain these concepts to someone else
·         Commission Plan
·         Host Benefits
·         The Q
·         Recommend a Shelving System
·         Recommend a Food Storage Package
Get Organized—Week 2 

1.      Set Goals and Make A Plan
Set 2 starter goals. 
·         Earn back your $200 investment
·         Reach the rank of Mentor
$50 on the Q, $1500  in personal sales, $3000 in team sales 
·         Play around with the commission calculator
·         Take a look at your life and figure out what time and resources you have to devote to your business.
·         You are not creating world peace you don’t need to spend too long on this.  Think and write.  This is a 20 minute activity not 20 hours.

2.      Get Your First Party Scheduled
·         Make a list of everyone you could ask to host a party for you.  
o   I like to fill out the 40 guest is 4 minutes worksheet.  It is on the SECOND page of the host prep sheet. You can find it here.  
o   This is you plan of action.  You will invite all of these people to your first party. 
·         Set the date for your first party for AT LEAST two weeks from enrollment
·         Invite your enroller to help you with your party

3.     Get Your Business Supplies Organized
·         Print out business card and labels.  
·         Assemble host packets (envelope, invitations, letter, catalogue, order form, price list, opportunity brochure, put a business card or label on EVERYTHING)
·         Information packets for potential consultants (opportunity brochure, letter, business card)
·         Gather any supplies you might need (pens, clip boards, labels, envelopes)
·         Review Allergen Information—take copies to parties.
·         Package Contents information (be sure to remember the COSTCO matches)
·         Set up a mobile command station to handle phone orders 
(catalogue, price list, calculator, order form)

4.      Get your Calendar Set Up
a.       Get a calendar just for Shelf Reliance, take it to parties, have it by the phone
b.      Write down all the important thing on the calendar (kids birthdays, UEA, any event that might effect a party)
c.       Talk to your spouse or anyone else whose calendar will affect yours.
d.      Highlight every day and time you are available for a party.

Get Moving—Week 3
1.     Tell your family and friends about your new business. 
·         Be excited and positive. 
·         Send out the introduction letter, there is an example on the back end.
·         Personally ask everyone on your 40 leads list to attend you first party. 
o   Take them a small sample, a catalogue and an invitation
o   Send them a follow up e-mail
o   Call to confirm if they are coming to the party
o   Ask them to host a party. 
o   After the party follow up with those who did not come and thank those that did. 
·         Don’t discount anyone
o   People far away can attend or host a party via skype
o   People who are busy might really love the convenience of the Q AND they might want to host a party. 
o   People who are struggling financially really understand the importance of a home store AND may be looking for a business opportunity.
o   People that you are nervous to talk to might be really interested.  You are probably nervous because you care about them. Chances are they care about you to, so let them choose if they are interested or not.   

2.      Practice cooking with a few of the products that came in your starter kit.  When I make the recipes I only make half the recipe.

3.     Create a party script.  Write it down. 
·         Make it personal; be sure to add feeling not facts. 
·         Don’t throw up information.
·         My presentation is pretty casual and 20 minutes tops.  After that I answer questions, and help with orders.
·         NO ONE WANTS TO BE AT A PARTY FOR MORE THAN 1 HOUR.  Time yourself if you are longer than an hour it is time to cut, cut, cut.
·         Practice the script.  Get a group of people who would be willing to listen to your presentation and practice on them.

4.      Host your First party.  Remember your goal is to get your calendar full!

*If you'd like a printable version e-mail me and I'll send it to you. . 
**Link Change if you find a broken one let me know so I can update it.  Thanks.