Monday, December 19, 2011

Technology that Makes Being A Consultant Easier

Recently I have come across a couple of pieces of Technology that Make life as a consultant much easier.  I thought I would share them with you. 

Use F3 to search a webpage.  When you are on a webpage (this includes the back end) you can press F3 and it will pull up a dialog box that allows you to search that page.  This is great for managing your team, finding an order, or a customer e-mail. 

Check Cashing From your Phone:  Many banks are starting to offer the option of taking a photo of a check with your smart phone and depositing it in your account.  No more running to the bank to drop off those checks from a party.  I have been using check cashing from my phone for a while and I love it.  Check with your bank to see if they offer it.  (I use Chase and it is easy to use.)

GPS Navigation:  Okay so everyone knows how great GPS navigation is, unless of course you have never used it.  My husband got it for me right after I became a consultant and I LOVE it.  No more getting lost on the way to a party.  If you are doing a lot of parties outside of the area you know well, than this is a must have.

Program the Tax Rates into your Calculator:  In case you haven’t noticed I am NOT a math whiz.  Sales tax and food tax sometimes trick me up.  If you are the same just program the tax rate into your calculator (or have your math whiz husband do it).  Than all you have to do is push on button and the tax is figured out for you. 
The Front End of Shelf Reliance’s Web Site:  There are a lot of resources on the front end (which is what customers usually see).  These tools are very helpful for consultants.  Be sure to check out:

Online Catalog  This is very helpful to add to you blog, or to e-mail to customers.  I send it to party hosts, potential consultant, okay well everyone.  I like it because it allows customer to see the products. 

Food Calculator (also Called THRIVE Planner):  I like setting up planners from the front end because then you can e-mail it to a customer and to yourself.

Emergency Kit Planner  This allows you to create a customer emergency kit.  Love it. 

The Back End or Consultant Side of Shelf Reliance’s Website

Marketing Kit  (Consultant Materials →Marketing → Marketing Kit)  This will download a bunch of images and logos for your use.  This fan page has a bunch of easy to use buttons for your blog (or you can use them as adds)  These adds/buttons are already approved and you can use them without getting approval from SR.

What technology do you use that makes things easier?   

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shelf Reliance Entree Review

I am sure I posted or e-mailed this out before but I can't find it so I thought I'd put it up again, in case you also can't find it. 
I did a taste test on all the entrees a while ago so that I could say something to customers besides "I've never tried that"

 I tested the entrees that come in the 6 pack (so I was missing 2) with about 20 people and then we discussed how we liked them.

  Tips to Making Entrees  

1.  Don't rush the cooking time.  If you don't cook them long enough they are not so good. 

2.  Make sure the stir the can before you measure out what you need.  Some of the veggies or meat will sink to the bottom and you want veggies and meat every time you make it not just the last time.

3.  The seasonings come in individual packages inside the can.  I thought that was weird at first.  So you might need to dig through the rice (or what ever) to find it. 

I digress sorry, here are the results of our very unofficial taste test:

Baked Potato Cheese Soup.  The only problem is the peas don't ever get soft.  But if you can get past that it is great.
Beef Chilli--can be a little spicy, you don't have to use all the seasoning
Broccoli Cheese Soup--to bump it up a notch try adding in a little freeze dried broccoli.
Sweet Pepper Steak ( I was surprised how much we liked this)

Chicken Noodle Soup
Veggie Risotto (people really loved this or hated it)
Creamy Tomato Chicken

Not Good: 
Cheesy Potatoes
Chicken Curry

Haven't tried:
Mesquite BBQ Chicken
Dijon Chicken

What do you think?  Have you tried them?  

Monday, December 5, 2011

Emergency Products: Must Have Communication Items for a 72-hour or Car Kit

This is from Elise.  Thanks Elise!!

Crank LED Flashlight With Cell Charger 

The crank flashlight/ cell phone charger is fantastic for any emergency. How precious is that one phone call that can put you in contact with your loved ones in time of crisis. One minute of cranking gives you 60 min of light. It comes with adapters for the most popular cell phone models. It will charge a regular phone for awhile. If you have a smart phone you will need to crank it, and then make a quick phone call. The 3 LED lights are very bright and would be great for changing a tire, signaling for help, or just to play games in your tent. $14 is a low price to pay for the ability to communicate with family.

Red Cross Solar Link FR 360

If you are looking for a more expensive ($57) option with more bells and whistles the red cross solar link radio as also a must! Important announcements from government and local leaders will broadcast on the radio. This weighs under 2 lbs! It can be charged by the sun, by crank, put in 3 AAA batteries, or by plugging it into the wall.
This all digital, splash-proof radio can be charged by solar, crank, AAA batteries, and AC power. This lightweight radio includes AM/FM and NOAA weather radio, alarm clock, a flashing beacon, USB port, flashlight (3 LED lights & one flashing red light) and cell phone charger. It has the following channels AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz); NOAAweatherband – all 7 channels

Shelf Reliance In Canada--Everything You Need to Know

Shelf Reliance has been working on establishing the home party program in Canada for quite a while and starting December 1st the NFR model is up and running.  The Canadian program is a little different than that used in the United States and I know that causes a lot of questions.   I’ve compiled a bunch of questions and their answers that are frequently.  After reading this if you still have questions please ask.  

If you are live in Canada and are interested in signing up as a consultant you can do so here:

You will need to enter 
Enrollers Name:  Heather Lorimer
Consultant ID: 1209
Phone number 435-535-1470

Canada Questions and Answers
from Jason Norton
1.  Will Shelf Reliance pay commissions to Canadian consultants via direct deposit?   (sometimes international wiring fees can be pricey) No

2.  What is the reason for selling only Thrive products?  (We'll get asked this question)  If it is a weight issue with the FRS units, are cansolidators unavailable as well?
 Duty and tax rates for FRS and emergency

3.  Have we finalized the answer to the question "How much Shelf Reliance product can I purchase at a time?"   Will the online order page be set up to prevent oversized orders?
 On the doc.  Yes, it will be prevented, except for Q orders.

4.  Have we decided if the meat and dairy limit is one meat and one dairy per order or if it is one of each specific meat and one of each specific dairy per order?
  We won’t know this until our test orders go through.  We will make an update at that time.

5.  Are the order limits per order or per month?  The law is probably written "per month" but in reality the inspectors are checking per order.  Is it possible we advertise the limit per month, but never get the computer system to the point where we are checking total orders per month?  Is it possible for Canada consultants to order every few days without Shelf Reliance or the Canadian gov't noticing?
  There is no particular law.  We are saying “per order”

6.  Have we decided if pantry cans and #10 cans can be mixed in an order.  What are our limits?
  On the form

7.  Have we finalized the shipping rates?  Are we still going with $2 per pantry can, $4 per #10 can, with a minimum shipping rate of $20?
 On the form

8.  US consultants can send product to their friends and family in Canada, and visa versa?  Are we going to try to police Canadian orders repeatedly sent to border towns?

9.  We listed the return policy.  Is there a customs/quarantine problem shipping orders back from Canada to the US? Should we test the return process? 
They will be contacting Seth at this time if there is a problem at the border.  

10.  Canada customs/quarantine officials are known for opening for inspection not only the boxes, but the product as well.  There is a chance they open up some cans of FD product to make sure we are not smuggling.  In these cases, the product is now opened, shelf life has been drastically reduced thus the value of the product is reduced.  Is this product devaluation risk something the customer takes or will Shelf Reliance reship?
  We will reship if this happens

11.  Are Sandy and Wade still going to run their store?
 Yes, all retail will continue, but pricing is higher.

12.  What are our expected shipping times to Canada?  (CS will get asked this).
 On sheet

13.  When we opened Alaska and Hawaii there were issues with setting up Q orders.  Consultants would set up a Q for an Alaska or Hawaii Customer in the regular Q set up, and then the order would get lost when switching over to Hawaii/Alaska.  Apparently this was a horribly complex issue to fix and still is frustrating to deal with even now.  Will this be an issue with Canada Q set-up?  If so, can we fix it in the next week?  (If needed, ask Shannon for details on the problem).
  Tested and looks fine.

Shelf Reliance Canada NFR FAQ

Q: When will Shelf Reliance Canada NFR be open?
A: The official launch date is scheduled for December 1st.  However, we will begin taking pre-launch orders on November 25th. 

Q: What does NFR mean?
A: NFR stands for “not for resale.” Therefore, the NFR policy means that any Shelf Reliance products shipped from US to Canada cannot be resold.  This program is designed for personal use only.

Q: Does Shelf Reliance Canada have its own NFR website?
A: Yes. You can access Shelf Reliance Canada at

Q: If I have a question how can I reach customer service?
A: Questions will be directed to our corporate headquarters in American Fork, Utah. If you have a question please contact customer service at (801) 756-9902, fax at (801) 642-0906, email queries to, or utilize online chat from our website.


Q: How can I order Shelf Reliance products?
A: Products can be ordered through the Shelf Reliance Canada website or through a consultant webpage.

Q: How do individuals register to become consultants?
A: Registration is done online through the consultant URL or the above website.

Q: Can Canadian residents become Shelf Reliance consultants?
A: Yes. Canadians can now sign up to be consultants, and they will receive all the same benefits as consultants in the United States.

Q: Can Canadian consultants only sign up Canadian residents for the home party program?
A: No. Shelf Reliance consultants from the United States and Canada can sign up individuals who reside in either of the two countries. This open-border policy will allow consultants to expand their business on an international scale.

Q: How will Canadian Consultants be paid?
A: Consultants will be paid with a monthly commission check that will be in US currency. The exchange rate for commission checks is based on the daily rate at the time when the check is cashed.  Direct Deposit will not be an option at this time.

Q: Will Canadian consultants have access to all the current home party tools?
A: Canadian consultants will have access to most of Shelf Reliance marketing materials and online tools.  You can find the pack on the Canadian Price List.  However, the Shelf Reliance product catalog will not be available in Canada.

Q: Will Canadians be required to have a personal Q to receive commissions?
A: Yes, Canadians will have the exact same requirements for commissions as the US.

Q: Will Canadian consultants have access to the Shelf Reliance Business Kit?
A: Yes. Canadian consultants can purchase the Shelf Reliance Business Kit for $199.00. Shipping will be an additional $27.  Local tax will also be charged if applicable.

Kit contents include the following:

·        Cups (50)
·        Apron (1)
·        Invitations (100)
·        Opportunity Brochure (40)
·        Training Manual (1)
·        THRIVE Brochure (40)
·        Q Brochure (40)
·        THRIVE Cookbook (1)
·        Host Party Prep Sheet (2)
·        Opportunity DVD (1)
·        Welcome Letter/Brand Letter (1)
·        Sample Recipe Sheet (1)

·        Ham Fried Rice Sample Pack (no eggs)
·        Strawberries
·        Mangoes
·        Raspberries
·        Pineapple
·        Sweet Corn
·        Green Beans
·        2 smoothie packs (no milk)
·        2 brownie packs
·        2 macaroon packs
·        1 sheet of magnets


Q: What THRIVE products will be available?
A: Most of the THRIVE products sold in the US will be available through NFR.  Dairy and Meat product won’t be available when we start.

Q: How much Shelf Reliance product can I purchase at a time?
A: Shelf Reliance will be functioning as a NFR company in Canada, which means that customers will only be able to order a maximum of 30 cans per order. 

Q: Can I mix #10 and pantry cans in a single order
A: Yes

Q: Is there a limit to the number of individual products I can have in each order?
A: Yes, once we begin offering dairy and meats, you will be limited to one can of these items per shipment.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of cans for my host benefit order?
A: No, this is considered a benefit rather than a personal purchase.  There is no limit at this time.  However, orders with product over 30 cans will need to be faxed into the company for processing.

Q: What THRIVE, FRS, and emergency products will be available through Shelf Reliance Canada?
A: At this time THRIVE will be available in #10 cans and pantry cans.  Unfortunately, at this time FRS and emergency products will not be available through Shelf Reliance Canada.  The reason for this is the extremely high duties and taxes assessed for these products.

Q: How can I find out what products are available?
A: Available products will be recorded on the Canada price list which you can find in your back office.

Q: How will the Shelf Reliance products be labeled?
A: All Shelf Reliance products will be labeled based on US regulations.

Q: Will Canadian pricing be the same as US pricing?
A: Yes. All pricing will remain the same and will be in US dollars.

Q: Is Home Party pricing the lowest pricing in Canada?
A: Yes.  If you ever come across a retailer selling the product at a lower price, you are able to match it.    You will just need to send a fax to the home office to process that order.  However, this should not happen because retailers have a set price higher than the home party pricing.


Q: How will I receive my Shelf Reliance order?
A: Shelf Reliance will be using FedEx to ship our products.

Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?
A: We strive to ensure that all of our customers are pleased with their purchase. If you are unsatisfied with any Shelf Reliance product purchased in Canada, you may return the product within thirty days from the date of purchase to our home office.  You are responsible for the shipping fees to return the product.

Q: What if the products I ordered are on back order?
A: The process for back orders in Canada will remain the same as in the United States. Back ordered items will be shipped to you as soon as the products are in stock.* You will not be required to pay any additional shipping fees for back ordered items.

*If you have more than one item on back order, the back ordered items will not be sent until all back ordered items have arrived.

Q: Will I be charged additional duties or taxes?
A: Shelf Reliance does not control the rates assessed at the border.  There is always a chance that you will be charged additional taxes and duties..especially if you purchase multiples of the same item in a package.  Local sales tax will be charged at the time of purchase if applicable.

Q: Can we ship product to border towns and bring product across the border on our own?
A: No, this is against our company policy.  This will cause termination of your consultant opportunity because of the risk it puts our company in.

Q: What are shipping rates for Canadians?
A: Shipping rates are as follows:
#10 cans = $4.00 each
Pantry cans = $2.00 each
There is a $20 minimum shipping charge for all orders

Q: How long will it take to receive an order once it is purchased?
A: 7 – 10 Business Days