Monday, January 28, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Come To Convention

Shelf Reliance will be holding its annual convention on March 21-23 in Provo Utah.  

 In my opinion attending convention is the best thing you can do for your business.   Here are the top 10 reasons why.  

Hurry Early Bird Registration ends Jan 31, 2013

10.  New products—at convention new products will be announced (and they are going to be AWESOME! You will get to be the first to know what they are, have a chance to sample them, and purchase them. 

9.  Interact with other consultants—as a consultant most of the time you are working by yourself.  You schedule parties by yourself, you prepare by yourself, you do the party, you enter the orders, and sometimes it gets lonely.  At convention you will have the chance to interact with member of you up line, your down line, and other consultants from around the country/world.  This is one of the things I love the most.  I remember sitting at my first convention and talking to a lady sitting next to me (who I did not know) about parties that bomb.  It was so refreshing to know that I was not alone and to hear the perspective of others.

8.  Take a Tour of the Shelf Reliance Facility—You get to see everything behind the scenes.  This is so helpful when talking to customers about the allergens, because you have seen and can describe the seperatelines and how they function.  This is a great opportunity to bring all of your questions and get them answered on site.  Home Office Tours will be on Thursday March 21st you can choose which time you want to go;  10:00 am and 12:00 noon.  You need to register for the tours here:

7.  Recognition—you put a lot of hard work into your Shelf Reliance Business and it is important to celebrate your accomplishments.  At convention you get the chance to be recognized.  Funny Story:  When I hit platinum executive I was pretty excited about it, so I posted it on my facebook wall.  My mom didn’t know what I was talking about and called me to figure it out.   The opposite is true at convention, when you run into someone and see that they are a silver executive you know exactly what it took for them to get to, and you can instantly relate. 

6.  Team Events—one of my favorite parts of convention is getting together with my team.  This year I’m planning on doing a workshop just for our team on the Q—how to sell it, and I have a few other surprises in store for those that come.   

5.  Give-a-ways—Did you know Shelf Reliance gives away a ton of stuff at convention?   Two years ago Elise won a laptop.  Last year the Macaroon Mamas (Elise, Autumn, Erin, Sariah) won $50 gift cards each.

4.  Get your questions answered—have you always wondered about a specific emergency product, or technical questions about how THRIVE is packages?  At convention they have the experts available to answer your questions. 

3.  Amazing workshops—at convention you will have a chance to hear from the top consultants about how they do it.  You can check out the specifics here:  these workshops are worth the trip to convention.  They are amazing.  Everyone I went to last year I thought “Why haven’t I been doing it that way all along?” 

2.  Get Excited—at convention you get to recharge, I love when I come home from convention and I’m excited.  I’m excited to try new things, have more parties, and really build my business.  The attitude of the executives is contagious; as you hear from them you learn how much they believe in us as consultants, and in this business.  Hearing their vision of the future is an amazing lift.

1.  It is the best thing you can do for your business—convention is really the absolute best thing you can do to grown/strengthen your business.  I love to watch new consultants come to convention and then go home and take off.  It is literally like they are on fire. 

New Emergency Supplies--Product Training

New Product Training—Shelf Reliance just launched some new emergency products.

AquaPod Kit—this is a highly requested item.  Temporarily stores a large amount of water, depending on the size of your bath tub.  (65-100 gallons) water can be stored this way for up to 8 weeks. 

Catalog ID Number:  52569
Cost:  $22.99
Product Video:

Sawyer Point Two Water Filter—1 million gallon guaranteed (that is a ton of water).  Filter is a patented hollow filter membrane.   Will filter bacterial, protozoa, and virus.  This is designed to be attached to a bucket (or other container).  This is a gravity feed filter (not a pump) . 

Cost $139.99
ID number:  Catalog #52570
Product Video:

Quick Fire Stove:  comes with 2 fuel pucks, very efficient stove.  Boil water (1 cup in under 3 minutes).   Can burn sterno, alcohol, ebset, most any fuel will work with this stove.  Will hold up a cast iron pot (Dutch oven).  The stove is very strong.  Made from aluminized steal.

Cost: $18.99
ID Number: Catalog #66436

Static V Sleeping Pad: Very comfortable (says Bart). 
Cost: $58.79
ID Number: 50161
Product Page: 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Links from: Ignite Your Business : A Training Call for New Consultants

Links talked about in tonight’s call.

Tried and Tested Shelf Reliance Party Food Ideas

Tried and Tested Party Food Ideas
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   1.     Soup

·        Make-Your-Own Soup Bar:  
·        Taco Soup  

   2.     Breakfast

·        Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes, From Cyndi Tree
·        Breakfast Burritos—scrambled egg mix, sausage, in a tiny tortilla top with THRIVE Salsa
·         Yogurt Parfait Bar
·       Blueberry Pancakes:  10 grain pancake mix plus rehydreated blueberries.  Serve with butter and syrup.
·        Muffins
                                                              i.      Raspberry chocolate chip Muffins from Eden Allison 
                                                           ii.      Muffin Mix from Autumn Christiansen 
                                                         iii.      Blueberry Muffin Mix 
                                                         iv.      Corn Muffins from Misty at Your Own Home Store 
   3.     Dips

·        Spinach artichoke dip  
·        Green Chili Dip  

  4.     Main Dishes

·        Chicken Pot Pie—make in advance and take to the party.  Veggies chicken and white sauce top with biscuits. 
·        Pizza:  from Shelley Jordan use tomato powder to make the sauce    make homemade crust or purchase pre made to save time.  One of my favorites is Pizza featuring tomato powder, FD mozzarella, sausage crumbles, green bell peppers. I'd like to try a ham and pineapple one sometime and maybe a BBQ chicken with FD tomato dices. It works well for larger parties as you can slice it into smaller squares. Or you can make cute individual ones in muffin tins.
·        Chicken and Spinach Taquitos  
·        Fajitas—FD beef or chicken slices, red peppers, green pepper and fajita seasoning.   Rehydrate in front of the group and then fry on an electric skillet.  (Have the host help), serve on tiny tortillas, top with reconstituted FD cheese.

   5.     Desserts—Beyond Brownies

·        Smoores—use the heat cell and be sure to top off with FD fruit.
·        Chocolate Chip Macaroons (or dip them in chocolate)
·        Fruit Pizza –from Ilene Knipe/Kim Norton  (this is a complex recipe, it is delicious but time and prep intensive)  At the beginning of the party I would put all the dry fruits on a plate with a paper towel underneath and spritz them with a squirt bottle in front of the guests to show them how easy it was to reconstitute them (you need to spritz them a lot, and turn them over a few times to cover all sides). Then I let them sit through the party and put them on the pizza at the end. That was back in the mandarin orange days. You have to rally break up the pineapple too because it doesn't reconstitute well with a spritz. People loved it, but it does take quite a bit of work and a lot of time. I quit doing it for that reason. I used Kim Norton's recipe from our first convention.  Don’t make in advance and take to the party the colors all run together.