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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How do I order more Shelf Reliance Catalogs or Invitations?

It is a little bit tricky to figure out how to order more catalogs or invitations.  Here is what you need to know.  
To order more catalogs you need to go to:
Consultant Materials then click on Consultant Materials Price List. This is the price list that shows the cost of the consultant kits. Scroll to the second page.  This is where catalogs and invitations and other good stuff is located.  The id number for 1 catalog is  81114 and they are $1.50 retail or $1.00 party.  You can also buy them in packages of 10.  One package of 10 catalogs is 1248 the retail price is $20.00 and the party price is $10.00. 

Catalogs (10)
Catalog (1)

Inviations are located in the same place.  
Invitations (100)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Placing An Order

  1. Add the customer
  2.  Orders  → Place New Order    Select Party (NEVER SKIP THIS STEP!!!) →Next → Enter Guest’s E-mail Address → Enter Billing Information  → Enter Shipping Information (if different)
  3. Enter the products that the customer wants. You have two options you can enter the product ID number, which is found on the price list or the catalog, or you can Browse Categories and select the product from the list. 
  4. Enter the payment information
  5. Confirmation page:  Review the order and submit it.  You will receive an e-mail telling you the order has been placed. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Setting Up a Q

2)   Click on Q-Set Up then  Enter the customers e-mail
3) Select the Party that the Q will be tied to. 
4.)  You can do one of two options. 
Option #1 Enter the information for the Family plan  (this is the Planner)
     And then Review the Planner--Making any changes needed.  When you press next it will move all the products to the Q. 

THRIVE Planner:  I like to have party customers “go on a shopping spree”  I give customers who are signing up for the Q a new price list and have them mark everything they want in their Q, and the quantities they would like.  Then I bypass the planner and just enter exactly what the customer wants.  However there are times when the planner is good.  You  can  set  up  a  generic  Planner  based on the family member the customer gave you or you can call the customer and customize it over the phone.  If you are setting up a planner here are a few tips.     
  •          I  suggest  going  through  the  Planner  and  adding  a  good  variety  of  foods.    
  •         Count  the  number  of  items  in  each  category  and  spread  it  out  more  evenly  
  •           If  this  is  a  single  customer,  student,  elderly,  exchange  1,  #10  can  for  3  pantry  cans      
  •           If  this  is  a  large  family  or  a  year’s  supply,  exchange  6,  #10  cans  for  a  case  
Customer  can  log  into  front  end  and  customize  Planner  and  send  updated  Planner  to  Q  on  their  own        
a)    When they do this they will receive a message like this:  “You  already  have  items  in  your  Thrive  Q.  What  would  you  like  to  do?”   They have two choices:
1.      If  you  would  like  to  add  a  few  changes  to  your  existing  Q  select  “Add  as  additional  items.”  
2.      If  you  would  like  to  clear  your  existing  Q  and  add  a  brand  new  Planner  select,  “Replace  my  existing  Q”    

Option #2  Choose the Thrive Quick Picks, and then enter the items the customer wants.
4.  Enter the Q Plan settings.  This includes the montly budget the ship date and the Q club membership level. 
The customers budget.  A customer can use any budget they want.  (yes it can be below $50.00).  I strive to have all Qs set up at $100.00 this allow customers to really build their food storage and to receive the platinum membership in the Q club for free.  I suggest getting the platinum membership and then buying what is on the Q-pon for that month.  This way the customer maximizes their savings.  
The ship  date  (the  same  every  month).  I encourage customers to choose a date that they will easily be able to remember, like their birthday or anniversary.  
  •         Do not choose:  the  15th,  it bogged  down  at  SR  with  this  date.  
  •         Do  not  choose  the  1st  of  the  month,  because  price  list  changes  and  customer  won’t have  time  to  look  it  over  before  the  Q  is  submitted.  
  •        Do not choose the 31st as there are a lot of months that don’t have a 31st in them.
The Q club:  Choose  Bronze  for  everyone  and  computer  will  upgrade  to  Platinum  when  Q  goes  through  and  qualifies.  
Customer  keeps  Free  Platinum  as  long  as  Q  is  active  
·         PAUSE  Q  and  restart  as  a  Platinum:  pay  the  $19.99  yearly  fee.    
·         STOP  the  Q  and  start  up  as  a  Platinum:  pay  the  $79.99  enrollment  fee  and  $19.99  yearly.  
·         They  can  always  start  up  again  as  a  Bronze  and  pay  nothing.

5)  Enter the  billing  information
6) Enter Shipping Information


7)  Enter Billing Information
Things to know about Setting up Qs   
  •     Customers  will  now  receive  a  reminder  e-­‐mail  from  SR  that  their  Q  will  ship  and  what  is  in  their  shipment  –  this  is  GREAT!  
  •     Send  Q  customer    letter  on  “Consultant  Dashboard”  after  their  Q  is  set  up.  This walks them through how to use the Q.  ( I have included the letter below)
  •    Q  customers  will  appear  under  “Customers”  →    “Q  Customers”  
     If  it  shows  that  the  Q  is  active,  but  has  no  ship  date,  this  means  that  the  Q  will  go  out  in  the  following  month.  
  •    Only  active  Qs  with  current  month’s  ship  date  will  show  date  on  Q  Customer  page.    
  Q Requirements:

  1.  Customers  are  required  to  keep  the  same  ship  date  and  for  3  months  on  the  Q,  after  that  they  have  flexibility  to  change  their  Q  Settings.  
  2.  They  need  to  keep  Q  Budget  fixed  the  1st  month,  then  they  can  increase  it  on  month  2-­
  3.   Qs  need  to  remain  active  for  a  minimum  of  3  months  make sure there is enough product in their Q to go for at least 3 months.  I like to have enough in their Q to go for 1 year.     
  Much of this is based on Becky Powell’s New Consultant Training Notes.  I have shared it with her permission and added my thoughts and images.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adding a Customer

Add customers before you try to place an order.  Make sure you have added yourself as a customer.  In fact if you haven't done it already do it right now. After a party I add everyone who placed an order as a customer. Then I place the orders. 

1)    Customers  → Enter the customers e-mail address → Continue

2)    Enter the Customers First and last name and e-mail address (again)  → Submit

3)    Write Down the customer’s password on their order form.  (okay recently I am getting a message telling me the password will be e-mailed to the customer and it is not telling me the password, I am not sure if this is the new way it will be or if this is an error)

Things you Need to know about adding customers
  • Make  sure the e-mail address is  exactly  correct,  no  spaces  before  or  after  
  • You  can  link  the  individual  to  the  party  now  or  later  when  the  order  goes  through  

    • The benefit  to  adding  the  individual  to  party  now,  when  you  put  in  order  you  can  choose  the  individual  from  a  party  list  rather  than  re-­typing  their  e-­mail  
  •  If  customer  loses  their password,  they  can  log  onto  their  SR  account  and  click  “forgot  password”  
  • This  customer  is  now  yours  as  long  as  they  do  not  make  a  purchase  through  another  consultant  
  •  Q  customers  will  also  appear  here  under  “Q  Customers”,  sort  the  list  to  see  “Active”  
  •  Q  customers  you  keep  for  life  –  they  are  not  transferable  to  another  consultant  unless  a  customer  stops  the  Q  and  starts  it  back  up  with  another  party  or  uses  another  e-­mail  address  with  another   consultant.    
  •  If  a  new  customer  already  has  a  active  Q  previous  to  meeting  you,  and  it  is  not  tied  to  another  consultant,  it  will  transfer  to  you,  but  you  will  NOT  make  1st  months  Q  commissions  on  it  since  it  has   been  active  over  1  month.  You  will  make  5%.
  • Check  your  dashboard  under  Customer  →  Q  Customers→  to  see  who  is  active,  budget  value,  or  hasn’t  started,  clues  to  help  you  guide  your  customers  towards  the  Q   
Thanks to Becky Powell for sharing some of the content of this post.  Becky you are amazing and generous!!