Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cost of Eggs Compared to Fresh

Are powdered eggs really less expensive then grocery store eggs? Yes!


What to see the math?  Here it is:

Background info on the numbers
One can of THRIVE powdered eggs costs $20.99 and there are 236 eggs per can.  
In May 2011 on average in the US one dozen eggs costs :  $1.692  (according to: the US department of Labor Statistics

THRIVE Powdered Eggs (June 2011): 

$20.99 / 236 eggs per can =  $0.089 / egg. 
Let’s just round up and say 1 powdered egg cost $0.09. 

Grocery Store Eggs (May 2011) :  
 $1.692 per dozen eggs.  $1.692/ 12 eggs = $0.141 per egg.    
 So let’s round down and say that one egg at the grocery store costs $0.14

The sum up: 
One THRIVE powdered egg costs $0.09
One egg from the grocery store costs $0.14

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