Monday, December 5, 2011

Emergency Products: Must Have Communication Items for a 72-hour or Car Kit

This is from Elise.  Thanks Elise!!

Crank LED Flashlight With Cell Charger 

The crank flashlight/ cell phone charger is fantastic for any emergency. How precious is that one phone call that can put you in contact with your loved ones in time of crisis. One minute of cranking gives you 60 min of light. It comes with adapters for the most popular cell phone models. It will charge a regular phone for awhile. If you have a smart phone you will need to crank it, and then make a quick phone call. The 3 LED lights are very bright and would be great for changing a tire, signaling for help, or just to play games in your tent. $14 is a low price to pay for the ability to communicate with family.

Red Cross Solar Link FR 360

If you are looking for a more expensive ($57) option with more bells and whistles the red cross solar link radio as also a must! Important announcements from government and local leaders will broadcast on the radio. This weighs under 2 lbs! It can be charged by the sun, by crank, put in 3 AAA batteries, or by plugging it into the wall.
This all digital, splash-proof radio can be charged by solar, crank, AAA batteries, and AC power. This lightweight radio includes AM/FM and NOAA weather radio, alarm clock, a flashing beacon, USB port, flashlight (3 LED lights & one flashing red light) and cell phone charger. It has the following channels AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz); NOAAweatherband – all 7 channels

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