Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yogurt Bar

One of the current party trends that I LOVE is having a party and setting out a bunch of ingredients for guests to make their own creation.   You might have seen a smore bar, or a hot chocolate bar, or even a mini pizza bar at a party. 

This idea of letting the guests create their own creation really works well at Shelf Reliance parties.   This is a great way to showcase a bunch of freeze dried foods.  My favorite is to have a yogurt bar.   

How does it work?
  1. Set out some store bought yogurt .    I don’t use the freeze dried yogurt because I think it has a weird texture when reconstituted. 
  2. Set out some pretty bowls filled with freeze dried fruit, granola, and some crushed cookies. 
  3. Set out fancy clear cups for the guests to use to create their parfait.
  4. Let the guests fix their own yogurt parfait. 

Tips for success:
  • You can set out the freeze dried fruit dry OR you can rehydrate some of them.  I usually just set it all out dry.  I like it when the fruit is crunchy.
  • Choose fruit that  are different colors.
  • Choose your yogurt carefully.  I love love love this Greek Gods Vanilla Honey yogurt.
  • After the guests assemble the parfaits if they wait a few minutes to eat them the fruit will rehydrate in the yogurt. YUM!
After.  See how the blueberries have rehydrated?  Super Yummy.

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Erin said...

Great idea! If you want to use this a part of a larger menu, you could use the little mini shot glasses for mini parfaits. I bought some at Zurchers for just a couple bucks and they are pretty sturdy.

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