Monday, September 3, 2012

Shelf Reliance Freeze Dried Fruit Product Review

Things to know about Shelf Reliance Fruits:
  • Fruits rehydrate  well  cold  water (5-7 minutes)  or  room  temp  water (10 minutes)
  • When re-hydrating delicate fruit there is no need to do not submerge, instead mist with water from a clean spray bottle and let sit.
  • Denser fruit like blueberries take longer.       
My favorite fruits:
  • Mangoes—love them.  I love them dry I love them rehydrated.  I just love them.
  • Freeze Dried Granny Smith Apples—Wow!  These are really good, so good that I eat them straight out of the can.  Why rehydrate when they are so good dry?  If you want to rehydrate you can.
  • Freeze Dried Bananas—Yum!  I love how there is not the weird banana aftertaste with these.  We like to eat them dry as a snack, on top of our cereal, or in banana bread. 

My Non-Favorites Fruits
  • Blueberries—But this might just be because I’m unlucky.  I have had about 6 bad cans of blueberries.  They won’t rehydrate and they taste terrible.  With that said I have had a couple of great pouches of blueberries.  They are expensive so I would recommend buying one pouch and seeing if you like them or no.
  • Pears—These get soft fast.  They are kind of delicate and when rehydrated are kind of like mushy apple sauce.  They do make a great baby food.

Fruit Description—A little bit about each fruit.

  • Thin  like  potato  chips,  thinly  slices  no  peel,  great  for  tarts.  
  • Apple chips have a sweet apple taste and are best used for baking, but they do make a nice snack.   

  • Dehydrated  slices  with  peel  (which means more  fiber), the slices are thicker than the apple chips.  When re-hydrated they are brown.  
  • Best used for snacking but can be used for baking.  
  • Apple slices are made from Granny Smith Apples and are a little bit tart.   
  •  My favorite recipe:  Carmel  Apple Cookies    

  •  Eat as a snack, use to make crisp, crumble, or pie. 
  • Add them dry to cookies. 

  •  Tart and sweet, these apples make an excellent snack. 
  • They are large slices of apples. 
  •   One of my most favorites.

  • Size small granules, like sand.  This is not a powder like the tomato powder.  Is it is chunkier.  This is a dehydrated product. 
  • Taste like unsweetened applesauce.  I don’t like to eat it dry.  I think it is weird dry (but Sariah tells me she likes it dry).


  •  Light,  airy, with a clean banana taste. 
  • I always think that bananas have a weird aftertaste these banana slices do not. 
  • They are great in smoothies, perfect for babies and baby food.
  • My favorite recipe:  Banana Split Cookies


  •   Eat dry as a snack, add to cakes (think black forest cake), pancakes,  add to cream cheese,  Jell-O, fruit salad, pie.
  • My favorite recipe—Cherry Chocolate Cookies—For some reason the photos in the post aren’t working.  Sorry I’m working on it but I don’t know what the problem is.

  • The grape pieces are the size of grapes.  Often several are stuck together and are slightly broken exposing the inside of the grape. The grapes are hollow.
  • Taste—the grapes are sweet and fruity.  I think they taste like grapes but I have has a couple of people tell me they remind them of other fruit, like blueberries or cranberries. 
  •  My favorite recipe:   I like to make the Shelf Reliance Chicken Salad Recipe and add a handful of grapes to it.  I add the grapes when the chicken, onions and celery are re-hydrating.  I take it to parties and guest love the grapes.

  • My personal favorite!  Medium sized pieces,  tangy, sweet   
  • My favorite recipe:  Mango Shaved Ice

  • White  peaches,  tart  and  sweet. 
  • The peaches are in big pieces maybe a quarter or an eighth of a peach. 
  • My favorite recipe:  Blueberry Peach Cobbler from Shelf Reliance

  • Tend to clump quickly, but make  great  baby  food!   
  • Delicious

  • Light,  airy,  tangy,  no  sugar,  salt,  citric  acid,  or  preservatives  
  • My favorite recipe:  these are so good I seldom cook with them.  I do really like to use the powder at the bottom of the can to make to make Pineapple Butter Cream Frosting,

  • Amazing  color  and  flavor , a burst of raspberry flavor, very tart.

·        Eat as a snack or use as a garnish.  Would be nice in a pie.  These are large whole strawberries.
·        My favorite recipe:  Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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