Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How To Find New Thrive Life Consultants

I've had a lot of team members ask this last week for tips on enrolling / signing up new consultant.   I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last few months and have given it a lot of thought. 

Steps to building a team:

1.  Believe
·         That there are people out there looking for the opportunity.   Take it from me there are people out there looking for this exact opportunity, that know they want to be a consultant for Thrive Life and they are looking for you.   In the past month or so I have had 5 people contact me because they were looking for a consultant.   
·         That this opportunity is the “Golden Ticket”.  Do you remember the old Charley and the Chocolate Factory, when all of the people are in a frenzy to find the golden ticket?  This opportunity is that good.  When you offer the opportunity to someone you are offering them the Golden Ticket.   This opportunity is a wonderful thing.  It is not a scam, not a pyramid.  It is a great blessing in many people’s life’s.  I am so glad that my enroller, Sariah, offered it to me and there are others out there that will be grateful that you offered it to them.
2.  Know your stuff
·         Learn about the opportunity
·         Understand the commission plan / calculator.
·         Know what it takes to be a successful consultant (time, money, know how, etc.)
·         KNOW what makes this opportunity unique and different from all others. When you are truly and sincerely passionate, that comes across!

3.     Keep it SIMPLE!
·         Show your potential future consultants (and hosts), that parties are fun, easy and simple. If they can see themselves doing what you do then they half way to signing up.
·         It is a good idea to point out how easy it is to hosts and guests.   Say something like “As we go through tonight’s party I want you to picture yourself doing what I’m doing”  and “The chicken salad took me 5 minutes to make from start to finish, no chicken to defrost and cook, no veggies to chop.  Nothing could be easier”   

4. Talk about the opportunity

·         When speaking with guests one-on-one at the end of your parties make sure you mention EVERY opportunity available to them (the Q, hosting, consulting) after asking open ended questions. Don't rush and don't give up if they seem to say "no" RESOLVE their personal concerns about consulting (and / or the Q or hosting). Make eye contact, be sincere, take you time...don't rush.
·         Ask open questions and find out what is missing in their life that the opportunity might fill / answer. Are they lonely? Unfulfilled? Stressed about money? Worried about retirement? Etc etc. LISTEN, then fulfill the need.
·         Once you've listened, (really listened), tell them why you think they'd make a great consultant: "You know, you'd really make a great consultant b/c you ____________________"
·         Ask them to commit to SOMETHING even if they won't commit to becoming a consultant right then and there. "Will you enroll on my team tonight?" Will you make a list of questions you have about the opportunity and get it to me by tomorrow?" Will you come to a party I'm having next week so you can see just what I do as a consultant?"
·         FOLLOW UP! If you ask them to commit to something and they say yes, follow up within 48 hours!

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