Monday, April 25, 2011

4-25-11 What to take to a party

April 25,2011
Hello Shelf Reliance Leaders,

I hope you had a great Easter holiday.  My family did, we build part of a fence, had 3 easter egg hunts (and way too much candy).  And I had a blog post featured on one of my favorite sites.  (check out the original post for Jell-O eggs here
1.  Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.  If you are a  new consultants.  Over the past little while our team has had some amazing growth.  I just wanted to give some extra attention to Jeona who has signed up six consultants this month. Wow! Jeona you rock!  If you are receiving this e-mail then you are on one of my three levels.  If you want to look at past Monday training e-mails you can find them on our team blog:
2. Shelf Reliance Corporate Conference Call:  We have a conference call tomorrow, Tuesday April 26th, at 12pm Mountain Time. Steve Palmer and Jason Norton will be discussing the Home Party opportunity! This will be a great call. To join, please call 1-218-895-0268 and use passcode 13579.
We will also be doing a screen share for this call. To follow along, please visit:
3.  New on Cooking with my Food Storage Blog:  My blog about cooking with THRIVE foods
                a.  THRIVE Instant Milk Whipped Topping:  Make your own cool whip with THRIVE instant milk. 
                b.  Pineapple Ice Cream—from  Disney Land

Training:  What to take to a party

It is sometimes hard to decide what to take to a party. We have so many great products that I want to take everything, but that is really not practical or affordable.  After trying a lot of things below is a list of what I take. 
A few things of note:
1.       I take everything in two large bags from Sam’s club.  I like them because they fit a ton of stuff, but I can still get everything from my car to the house in one trip. 
2.       Unless the hostess tells me that there are going to be close to 20 or more then 20 at the party I always try to take 20 packets.  Why? Because I have had parties where the hostess thought there were going to be 11 and then there were more like 19.  I like to make sure I have enough handouts for everyone. 
3.       My clip boards are not really clip board but 3 ring binders that I have cut apart. They fit better in my bags, they are cheaper and they work just as well.  I really like that they have a pocket to put the papers and a pen in.  

4.       I attached the shipping costs to my clip boards using my sticker machine (it will make anything into a sticker, how cool is that?)  I did it because  was always having people ask about the shipping.  Now everyone can see it easily. If you want to print off the shipping chart go to:
5.       I leave everything in the bags when I get home from a party that way it is ready to go for the next time.  All I have to do is add a few new packets (attendee, host and potential consultant) and I’m out the door.

                20 attendee packets
                                Price list stapled to a business card
Catalog (okay so I don’t actually have any right not but when I do I take them)
                                Order Form
                                Sale or Promotional Flier
All of that is in a black pocket board that has the shipping info stuck on. 

I serve the following dry, I use about ¼ of a cup of the following:
FD Pineapple
FD Strawberries
FD Blueberries
FD Bananas
FD Veggie Mix:  I mix them myself so I only have to take one pantry can of filled with the fix.  I usually I use corn, peas, and green beans

Chicken Salad served on crackers : I make ½ a recipe using about ¾ cup of chicken, ¼ cup onions, and ¼ cup celery

Taco TVP (I make up about  1/3 cup) served on crackers or chips
                                Brownies or Macaroons: I make ½ the recipe using 1 cup of mix
                                New products:  I like to feature the new products so people get a chance to taste them
                                                Ice cream sandwich (I use one per party and break it into small pieces)
                                                Yogurt bites (I give each guest one or 2 yogurt bites)
                                Display Sample pouches:  I don’t let the customers open these just look at the food .

My favorite Emergency Preparedness Supplies:
Sparkie Fire Starter
Wing Stove

Business Supplies:
                20 pens
                2 calculators
Business cards
Clip board (I use this to put all the orders and checks on)
                3-5 Host packets
                                30-40 invitations
                                Host Letter
                                40 guest in 40 minutes
                                Price list
                                2-3 order forms (with instructions on how to do tax and shipping)
                                Host benefit form
                3-5 Potential Consultant packets
                                Opportunity brochure
                                Letter from me about being a consultant
                                Business Cards
                                My calendar (so I can schedule future parties)
                My script
                2-Mini muffin pans
                1 divided serving tray
Sample cups (I put the new products in these and sometimes the fruits and vegetables)


Homework: Take a minuet and answer the following questions and send it back to me:
1.        What do you need more training on?
2.       Would you like to do another Shelf Reliance Leaders conference call?  If so when is the best time of day for you?      
3.       Is there anything as your upline I could do to help you be more successful?
Keep up the great work! 
Heather Lorimer
Independent, Shelf Reliance Consultant
online store:

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