Monday, January 30, 2012

Do you ever wonder what other consultants make?

        I always want to know. Here are the averages for November by rank.
      Platinum $ 13,236.00 (that means $159,000 per year)
Gold $5,174.00
Silver $ 2,341.00
Executive $1,116.00
Director $ 821.00
Mentor $ 365.00
Consultant $54.00
*These averages only include consultants that received a commission check.

I find those numbers to be very motivating. What do you think?

I know that if you are a new consultant it seems like a huge feet to be making $5,174 a month.  But it is definitely possible.  Last November (2010)  I was the rank of consultant and made  $325.44.  It was one of my best months ever.  I was SUPER EXCITED.  One year later, November 2012,  I made  $3,622.47.   

I did work really hard this past year BUT I am not a super star sales person.  I don’t do 3 parties a week.  I am not working my business full time.  I am just a normal stay at home mom.   

So what did I do over the past year?  I talked to a lot of people.  I tried a bunch of new ideas; some of it super successful and some of it not so much.  I found a way to work my business that works for me.  I challenge you to do the same this year.  

 You can be successful, will you? 

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