Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creating an Event

Creating  an  Event  
I like to create an event as soon as it is scheduled because when you create an event the host receives an e-mail from SR about hosting a party. 

1.    Event List  →  Add an Event.    This will take you to the Created an Event Page
2.      Check the “This is a Party” Box.  The enter the information for the party, Name, date, time, if the party is open, Host name, host email, host phone number.  When all of that information is added press the create an event button.

3.     Things To Know about Creating an Event
1) If  this  party  is  as  a  result  of  another  party,  be  sure  and  have  previous  party  ID  handy  to  put  at  bottom  space .  This links the two parties together giving the host from the first party credit for the second.   
2) “Open  event”:  event  will  publish  on  your  consultant  website  and  is  visible  for  any  one  who  comes  across  your  website.    
a) No  personal  info  will  be  provided.    
b) Use  this  for  open  houses,  conventions,  announcements,  etc..  
3) Open  date:  date  of  the  party  
4) Close  date:  will  be  generated  by  computer  3  days  later,  you  can  change  this  date  
5) The  party  is  officially  closed  when  the  HB  has  been  submitted,  before  then  you  can  continue  to  add  orders  to  this  party  even  after  close  date.  
6) Once  party  is  created,  you  can  see  party  details  under  “Events”  tab  
a) Click  on  the  Orders  button  to  see  order  history  
b) If  you  click  on  the  event  NAME,  you  will  go  to  the  invitation  
c) Completed  orders  
d) Completed  HB  order  
e) The  address  of  each  customer  and  what  they  purchased  just  in  case  you  lost  
their  address  
7) Customers  orders  will  be  mailed  even  though  the  party  has  not  closed  (i.e.  HB  has  not  been  sent)    

Your  Consultant  Monthly  Event  and  your  host  benefits  

One of the benefits of being a consultant is that you are able to count any order, other than party order, towards your own event. This allows you to receive the host benefit order on these orders.  You might receive orders off of your personal website, from past customers, from friends and family, from expos or events.   In order to receive the host benefit off of these orders you will have to tie them to a party.  At the first of each month create a new event for these parties.  I call each of these parties by the month, for example my party for May is named "May"

Things to Know about your Consultant Monthly Event:

 1) Create  an  event  in  your  name  every  month  where  you  will  tie  recurring  customer’s  orders  
2) Every  order  needs  to  be  tied  to  a  party  
3) If  the  order  does  not  belong  to  a  specific  party  it  belongs  to  YOU.  
 4) Check  on  “Customers”  →  “Q  Customers”  regularly  to  tie  new  Q  orders  to  your  party  since  they  won’t  show  up  on  your  downline  sales  report  until  they  have  gone  through,  but  you  can  claim  them   on  your  HB  as  long  as  they  are  active  before  they  ship. 
5) Submit  your  host  benefits  either  monthly  or  before  3  months  or  it  will  expire  
6) When  you  create  the  event,  remember  to  have  the  ID  #  of  your  previous  month’s  event  to  add  to  the  bottom  of  the  events  form  so  you  get  a  50%  off  $100  order  coupon  added  to  the  HB  for  the  new   event  created.  
 7) You  can  purchase  anything  from  including  consultant  materials  with  HB  
 8) You  CANNOT  order  marketing  materials  (Shelf  Reliance  Mall)  with  host  benefits     

Thanks again to Becky Powell!!!  Parts of this training are based on her AWESOME new consultant training notes. 

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