Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adding a Customer

Add customers before you try to place an order.  Make sure you have added yourself as a customer.  In fact if you haven't done it already do it right now. After a party I add everyone who placed an order as a customer. Then I place the orders. 

1)    Customers  → Enter the customers e-mail address → Continue

2)    Enter the Customers First and last name and e-mail address (again)  → Submit

3)    Write Down the customer’s password on their order form.  (okay recently I am getting a message telling me the password will be e-mailed to the customer and it is not telling me the password, I am not sure if this is the new way it will be or if this is an error)

Things you Need to know about adding customers
  • Make  sure the e-mail address is  exactly  correct,  no  spaces  before  or  after  
  • You  can  link  the  individual  to  the  party  now  or  later  when  the  order  goes  through  

    • The benefit  to  adding  the  individual  to  party  now,  when  you  put  in  order  you  can  choose  the  individual  from  a  party  list  rather  than  re-­typing  their  e-­mail  
  •  If  customer  loses  their password,  they  can  log  onto  their  SR  account  and  click  “forgot  password”  
  • This  customer  is  now  yours  as  long  as  they  do  not  make  a  purchase  through  another  consultant  
  •  Q  customers  will  also  appear  here  under  “Q  Customers”,  sort  the  list  to  see  “Active”  
  •  Q  customers  you  keep  for  life  –  they  are  not  transferable  to  another  consultant  unless  a  customer  stops  the  Q  and  starts  it  back  up  with  another  party  or  uses  another  e-­mail  address  with  another   consultant.    
  •  If  a  new  customer  already  has  a  active  Q  previous  to  meeting  you,  and  it  is  not  tied  to  another  consultant,  it  will  transfer  to  you,  but  you  will  NOT  make  1st  months  Q  commissions  on  it  since  it  has   been  active  over  1  month.  You  will  make  5%.
  • Check  your  dashboard  under  Customer  →  Q  Customers→  to  see  who  is  active,  budget  value,  or  hasn’t  started,  clues  to  help  you  guide  your  customers  towards  the  Q   
Thanks to Becky Powell for sharing some of the content of this post.  Becky you are amazing and generous!!

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