Thursday, November 10, 2011

Notes on Mailing Lists

1.  You can only add a person as a customer if they actually are.  

Makes sense don't you think? It is not okay to add people randomly, or even people you know.  Unless they are purchasing something don't add them. 

There is an exception to that rule.  If you are doing a party or an expo and you want to add all of you contacts to your mailing list you can IF and only IF where they sign up you say "By entering you information you agree to subscribe to our newsletter" 

2.  If consultants are creating their own mailing lists outside of the SR database the same rule applies and you need to include an "opt out" in the e-mail.  That is currently the law.  They can do this by using mailing list software or buy stating "To stop receiving XXXX Newsletter please reply to this message"  or something like that.  

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