Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shelf Reliance Fantasy Get Away Contest 2013

New Fantasy Get Away Contest:

At convention we announced our next Fantasy Getaway Contest! The winners of this contest will be getting a trip for themselves and one other guest to Puerto Vallarta Mexico! This trip includes 4 nights at the 5-star Hard Rock Hotel, with all food included.

The contest begins now and ends on November 1st, and the trip will be Jan. 28 to Feb. 1. There will be 30 total winners--the top point earners each month from April through October, as well as the 23 top overall point earners. Points earned from now until the end of March will be rolled into April points.

The point breakdown will be as follows:

Completing the PATH yourself                      15 points
Completing Ignite 90 yourself                        20 points
Enrollee completing the PATH                       2 points
Enrollee completing Ignite 90                         5 points
Enrolling a new consultant                             10 points
Winning 2nd place in a monthly contest          40 points
Winning 3rd place in a monthly contest           30 points
Winning 4th place in a monthly contest           20 points
Winning 5th place in a monthly contest           10 points

You will receive points for any consultants you have enrolled from March 1st on. Any consultant may receive points for completing the PATH and Ignite 90, not just new enrollments. Existing consultants will have 90 days from today, March 25th, to complete the Ignite 90 program. New enrollments will have 90 days from their enrollment date.

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