Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shelf Reliance has a New Name Thrive Life

New Name:  Shelf Reliance is changing its name it “Thrive Life”  The change will be gradual, some things are already changing on the website and back office.
FAQS about the name change:
1.      Is Thrive Life a different company then Shelf Reliance?
a.       Thrive Life is the same company as Shelf Reliance; only our name has changed.  The name “Shelf Reliance” will no longer be used in marketing materials, presentations, or other corporate messaging going forward, as everything will be transferred to Thrive Life.
2.      When is the name change happening?  How soon will things change?
a.       The name change is effective immediately, but the change itself will be gradual.  Corporate websites/pages with “shelfreliance” in the URL will be changed to “thrivelife” within days of convention, but anyone who goes to a Shelf Reliance address will be automatically redirected to the corresponding Thrive Life page.  However, it will take considerable time to change all reference to Shelf Reliance on our website, Back Office, and other consultant materials.  We will be phasing out our Shelf Reliance print items gradually as we deplete our inventory.  All of this may take several months.
3.      Will products still say Shelf Reliance on them?
a.       During the transition period, products and labels may still be branded with the Shelf Reliance logo as we phase out our inventory.  After that, all products will bear the Thrive Life name and Logo.
4.      Can I still use and give customers materials that say Shelf Relaince on them?
a.       We expect that consultants will need to use up their inventory of Shelf Reliance marketing materials, and not all literature and other materials will immediately be available with the Thrive Life branding.  However we strongly encourage consultants to change all their marketing materials, websties, blogs, etc. to Thrive Life as soon as is feasible.
5.      How will this affect my consultant website?
a.       All consultant websites will automatically switch from ending in .shelfreliance.com to ending in .thrivelife.com with in days of convention.  Any customers wo visit your old.shelfreliance.com site will be automatically redirected to your .thrivelife.com site.
6.      What if I had the words “Shelf Reliance” in my consultant website URL before the ending?
a.       If you used Shelf Reliance in your business name, consultant website URL, or other websites, etc., you will need to manually change them.  The name of your business or consultant website URL will be “reserved” for you until June 30th 2013, so that if anyone takes the Thrive Life equivalent of your Shelf Reliance name before then and you notify us, we will take action to ensure the name goes to you.

For example, if the name of your business was “Buy Shelf Reliance”  and your consultant website URL was buyshelfreliance.com , it will automatically be changed to buyshelfreliance.thrivelife.com. But if you want to change the name of your business to “buyThrivelife” you need to manually change your consultant website URl to buy thrivelife.thrivelife.com  You will have until June 30th to make the change, and it if anyone else takes that URL before that date, you may notify us and we will resolve any issues.
7.       How will this apply to other websites, blogs, etc. I have created that have the words “Shelf Relaince” in the URL.
a.       The same rules will apply to other personal sites.  You have until June 30th to change “ShelfReliance” to “Thrive Life” in your URl, and if another consultant takes your corresponding Thrive Life URL before that date, you ay notify us and we will resolve the issue.  However, we have no jurisdiction over websites created by those who are not consultants, so please be aware of the possibility that “Thrive Life” domains my already be taken by others.   

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