Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming A Shelf Reliance Consultant

1.        If  I  sign  up  to  become  a  consultant  and  choose  the  $199  pack,  can  I  upgrade  later?  
a.       No, you will not be able to exchange your package.  
2.       If  I  sign  up  to  be  a  consultant  and  decide  this  isn’t  for  me  can  I  get  my  money  back?  
a.        No,  there  is  no  membership  fee  and  consultants  primarily  pay  for  product.  Products  purchased  can  be  
returned  according  to  our  regular  returns  and  exchanges  policy.  This  policy  can  be  found  at­and-­returns  
3.        How should a  new  consultant  sign  up  on  the  Q?  
a.        A  new  consultant  can  either  log  into  the  website  and  set  up  their  own  Q  or  the  sponsoring  consultant  can  set  up  the  Q  on  their  consultant  dashboard.  If  the  sponsoring  consultant  initiates  the  Q  the  new  consultant   should  review  that  Q  as  soon  as  possible.
4.        If  I  sign  up  to  become  a  consultant  is  my  Q  budget  fixed  for  the  first  3  months  like  a  regular  customer?
a.        Yes,  all  home  party  Q’s  have  a  fixed  budget  for  the  first  3  months.    However,  anyone  can  increase  their  budget  after  the  first  month.  
5.        Do  I  get  host  benefits  for  my  consultants’  Q?  
a.        All Q’s can be tied to a party.  The  host  of  the  party  will  receive  host  benefits  based  on  the  total  sales  of  the  party  including  Q’s  set  up  from  that  party.    
6.        Do new consultants get a double dip on their Q’s?  
a.       They  may,  any  order  that  is  tied  to  a  party  is  eligible  for  the  double-­dip  benefit.  In  order  to  receive  that   benefit  the  new  consultant  has  to  schedule  to  host  their  own  party.  If  hosting  their  own  party  the   consultant  is  eligible  for  Double-­Dip  benefits  like  any  other  consultant.    
7.        What  if  a  consultant  I  sign  up  is  already  signed  up  on  the  Q  under  someone  else?  
a.        The  Q  will  stay  with  the  consultant  that  signed  them  up  originally  on  the  Q.  
8.       How do I order more catalogs, DVDs, etc.?  
a.       Consultant  materials  can  be  ordered  like  other  orders  on  the  Consultant  Dashboard.  

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