Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about Shelf Reliance Billing/Payment

1.       What  does  it  mean  if  I  enter  a  credit  card  and  it  gives  me  an  error?    How  should  I  handle  it-­‐call  the  customer,  is  this  a  computer  error,  do  I  try  and  put  it  through  again?  
a.      Before  re-­‐submitting  the  order,  please  check  your  sales  report  to  see  if  the  order  did  actually  process.    If  there  are  further  questions  contact  customer  service  at  Shelf  Reliance.      
2.       Why  do  we  charge  the  card  before  the  order  ships?  
a.       For  security  purposes,  we  do  not  store  credit  card  information.    Currently  we  do  not  have  a  way  to  charge  a  card  after  an  order  has  been  placed
As a consultant you also need to be sure to safeguard your customers credit card information.  Remember you need to keep a copy of all orders for 2 years. How can you do both of these things?  After the order is submitted and you receive the confirmation that it has gone through, you can cut out the section of the order for the contains the credit card into and then shred it, retaining the rest of the order form for you records.   
3.      When  customers  write  out  checks  who  do  they  make  it  out  to?  
a.      Please  have  customers  make  out  any  checks  to  Shelf  Reliance.    You  will  send  the  checks (with a copy of the order form)  to  customer  service   and  they  will  manually  input  the  orders.    You  can  also  have  them  pay  you  as  the  consultant,  and  you  can  put   their  order  in  with  your  credit  card.  If you do this be sure that the check clears before you submit the order.  This is a little bit of a hassle so some consultants have decided to not accept checks.  When addressing this at a party you can say "I take debit or credit"
4.      How  is  sales  tax  calculated?  
a.      Tax  rates  are  determined  by  states,  counties,  cities,  and  other  municipalities.    Our  tax  calculator  can  show  you  what  the  tax  rate  would  be  according  to  your  address.      
5.       Why  do  I/my  customers  have  to  pay  sales  tax?  
a.       Since  Shelf  Reliance  is  now  set  up  and  being  sold  by  consultants  throughout  the  United  States,  we  are  
required  to  charge  sales  tax  due  to  nexus  laws.  
6.       Is  shipping  taxed?  
a.       Tax  rates  are  determined  by  your  location  so  some  areas  do  require  a  tax  on  shipping.    Please  check  your  local  area’s  tax  table  to  find  out  if  the  shipping  tax  would  apply  to  you.  
7.       What  is  the  tax  rate  on  a  package  that  includes  non-­‐food  items?  
a.       If  your  package  includes  any  non-­‐food  items,  the  whole  order  will  be  taxed  at  the  non-­‐food  rate.  
8.       How  do  I  provide  feedback  on  the  website?  
 On  the  left  side  of  each  webpage  there  is  a  blue  ‘feedback’  button.    Click  on  this  button  and  pop-­‐up  screen  will  allow  you  to  provide  feedback  or  suggestions  you  may  have. 

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