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Day 1: Define Your Why

Welcome!  I’m so glad you have decided to join my 30 day challenge.  I’ve been working on setting up this challenge for a long time and I’m excited that it is finally here.

This challenge is designed for new or existing Shelf Reliance Consultants that are ready to work hard over the next 30 days in order to have a better business. 
The tasks I have chosen for the 30 days are things that I have done and found to make a great impact on my business.  I have been talking to other successful consultant I have found that they also do these tasks on a regular basis.  You may find that some of the tasks you have already done.  Don’t worry, doing them again will help you be more educated, more organized, and help you get your business moving.  

Each day the tasks are set up to take approximately 30 minutes.  However you may find that as you get working you have a lot of work to do and you may spend longer on a task. 

Each task consists of: 
  • An introduction and explanation
  • A worksheet
  • Notes on the task
After your complete your task each day or as you have questions about the task please post a comment at the bottom of the related post. 

I’m excited to begin, I hope you are too.

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Day 1 Define Your Why

I had been a consultant for about 6 months before I sat down and wrote down  my “why”.  I had read about it in the training manual but I had never actually taken the time to write it down.

 Then I attended a training meeting where Sherry Brower (who is a rock star) shared an amazing presentation about developing your why, the importance of dreaming, and the power of visualization.  I did some soul searching and I decided what I wanted out of my Shelf Reliance business, I set some lofty goals, and I posted them by my computer and got to work. 

One year later I looked back at those goals and I had achieved all but one.  When I told my husband what I had achieved,  he told me that when I had first show him the goals he though “there is no way she is going to achieve that”, but because he is a good supportive husband kept his opinions to himshelf and was very supportive of my efforts.   I am so glad I took the opportunity to really think about my why, set some goals, and get to work to make them happen. 

In today’s tasks you will be visualizing the life you want to have and writing a WHY statement that defines why you are a Shelf Reliance consultant.    Remember this is about you.   

Today’s Tasks:  

1.    Complete the “Define Your Why” Worksheet visualizing the life you want, write a "Why Statement"  and post it somewhere you can see it often.

This worksheet is a Google Document.

Why do I use Google Documents?  

Anyone can use a Google Document even if they don't have a Google account. Click on the link provided. It will open a document similar to a word document except you won't be able to edit the information. If you would like to print. click the print icon in the right side of the Google Document tool bar not the regular print from your internet browser. This will open a PDF. Select print, and this will take you to the print menu you usually use to select the number of copies as so forth.

Why do I use Google Docs? Because they are an easy way for me to share and manage documents online. If you have questions I am happy to help.

2.    Post your why somewhere you will see it frequently.  Than come back to this post and share something you learned.  

Today’s Notes

I am aware that many of you may have extreme hardships or limitations in your life.  I also know that if you can dream it you can achieve it.  For this task please feel free to dream of anything don’t be limited by your current circumstances. 

Today’s Worksheet

Just in case you can’t get the Google Document of today’s worksheet to work for you I have included it below.   It is easier to print from the Google document but you might just want it this way. 

I know you are going to be tempted to just read through this and answer the questions in your head.  Don't do it.  To complete today’s task you need to write it down.  There is power in writing things down. 
Developing your WHY
This is a chance to dream.  Fill out this worksheet as if you had no limitation, you can have anything you can dream. 

Strong Relationships

How would you strengthen your relationships?  What activities would you do with you loved ones?
Spouse or partner


Extended family


What type of home do you dream about owning?

Where would you like to live?

What qualities do you desire in your dream home?

What kind of neighborhood is it in?

Where do you dream of traveling?

How are you going to get there?

Who will go with you? 

Free Time
If you had the choice to spend your free time doing anything that appealed to you, what would you choose?

What hobbies would you like to explore?

What else would you like to learn?

What activities would make your life more enjoyable?

List 3 people you admire: 

Write down the characteristics these people possess that you admire.

What characteristics would you like to develop?

What do you want people to remember about you?

What do you want your family and friends to say about you?

What great things will you accomplish in life?

My Why
I am a Shelf Reliance consultant because I want:

The idea behind this worksheet came from Sherry Brower.  Thanks Sherry!  You are a rock star.


Autumn Christiansen said...

I'm really excited about the challenge this month. Even though things are crazy, and I really have no idea what time of day (or night) I will actually get to the task each day, I'm committed. -Even if I find myself in front of the computer at 11:00 at night completing it!

Shelley said...

Something I Learned: I need a vacation! haha. This is a great exercise. I've done it before and it's wonderful to visualize the future and think about how to get there. It makes it tangible and attainable.
Thanks for putting this challenge together. I'm excited about it!

Lake County Coupon Corner said...

Thanks for the 30 day Challenge. That was a great exercise. Something you don't think about. On to Day 2:)
Danyel McCrea

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