Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 27 Preparing Hosts

Today’s Task:  Develop a plan to prep your hosts.  

Preparing your hosts incredibly important.  The better prepared a host is the better the party will. Go. 

The short story:  Stay in touch with your host. 
The long story:

·        When the party is scheduled. Be sure to get all of her contact info. Discuss with her who to invite (40 leads in 4 minutes).  Talk about what she wants to get out of the party and help her design a plan to get it. I like to discuss with the host what foods and emergency products she would like me to bring, and I have her choose a menu.   

  • 1 week before the party to make sure she has and is sending out her invites.  This is also a good time for her to send out her e-mail to friends.
  •  2 days before the party to check on how many people are attending and double check that she will have everything you need.
  •   The day of the party-to finalize the guest count and to make sure she is ready and excited.  This is a good time to verify that you know where you are going.
  •  The day after the party to send a quick thank you and remind her how to take orders.
  •  The day the party closes. To get any outside orders and let her know what her host benefits are.
  •  The day you submit the host benefit order.  To make sure she is getting what she wants from her host benefit.  I read through the entire order with her so that we are both confident that she is getting what she really wants. 

Today’s Worksheet: 

I have found that it is successful to give your host ideas on what they could say in e-mails and on Facebook.  So much of our communication with friends now happens electronically that it is important that we remember to have hosts contact guests both on Facebook and via e-mail. 

Sample Facebook Post:
Post 1 5 days before party:
Shelf Reliance Party my house Thursday July 7th at 7:00. (in and out in 1 hour)  come try some awesome treats you can make with food storage.  We will be having chicken fajitas, taco soup, and macaroons.  You also get to try the fruits and veggies.  Let me know if you are coming.  

Post 2–1 day before party:
Remember Shelf Reliance party my house tomorrow 7:00 p.m.  tasty treats, great discounts.  

Post 3-1 day after:
 If you missed the Shelf Reliance party last night you can still order. 
Talk to me or order on line at and then let me know that you ordered.  I really recommend the freeze dried chicken slices and the freeze dried green chilies. YUM!
Sample E-mail:
Howdy y’all,

I am having a Shelf Reliance party on Thursday, July 7th at 7:00 p.m..  Keep reading....don’t delete the e-mail yet.

Okay, so the reason why I am having this party is because I want to increase my food storage.
Here is my goal.  I don’t really want to rotate a lot of my food storage especially my #10 can storage.
The shelf life on many of these freeze dried products and dehydrated products is 25 years.
So, I am buying a lot of freeze dried meat, vegetables and fruits to add to my food storage of wheat, rice, sugar, oats, etc.
My goal is to have this food storage until my kids are grown.  So, I know that my children can be taken care of.

Anyway, my friends and brother have said that the freeze dried stuff tastes like fresh when it is reconstituted.  Yeah!!!
No gross food storage stuff.

If you are interested and want to do the same, then please join me or you can also order by e-mail and look at the catalog at my house later.
You can sample some of the stuff so you know what it tastes like before you buy it. 

They have a special deal on vegetables that is going on right now.  You can see that at the end of the e-mail.

Will you please let me know if you are interested or not or if you will be attending the party or not?
It should be short and sweet from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
If not, no worries and certainly no pressure, but if this is what you are looking for then great!!!!


Host Name

I just wanted to share with you this great deal. There is a special the month on Thrive you can only get through me, an independent consultant with Shelf Reliance. It’s the
Veggie Variety Package for only $67.25. That is just over $11.00 a can. If you purchased these items outside of this package the best price you could get would be $97.60. That is over $30 in savings off the regular price.

The package includes the following vegetables in #10 or gallon size cans:

Freeze Dried Peas
Freeze Dried Corn,
Freeze Dried Onions
Freeze Dried Broccoli
Dehydrated Carrots
Dehydrated potatoes (I love the potatoes, I just added them to a soup and they are yummy).

     Today’s Notes 

How do you prepare your hosts?

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