Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 30 Be a Shelf Reliance Rock Star

Today’s Task:   Decide you will be a Shelf Reliance Rock Star

Today is the last day in our series 30 Days to a better Shelf Reliance Business.  I hope that you have learned, grown, and stretched a little.  I hope that your business is better than it was before. 

Today I want you to decide to become a Shelf Reliance Rock Star.  

What is a Shelf Reliance Rock Star?

Someone who has
·        worked consistently on their business
·        worked persistent on their business
·        had hard times but has worked through them and learned from them
·        achieved their goals and found success through Shelf Reliance

“Why Not Me?” 

I’ve been watching the new consultant training video (you get it free when you attend an opportunity meeting).  The video is a collection of thoughts from platinum and gold consultants.  It has really got me thinking about what you need to do to be successful as a Shelf Reliance Consultant. 
In the video Amber (who is a rock star) asks the question “Why not me?”  I’d like to invite you to ask yourself the same questions.  “Why shouldn’t I be successful at Shelf Reliance?”   Amber goes on to explain that as she started doing parties it was apparent which areas her skills were lacking. So she improved. She asked for help.  She asked those that were successful what they were doing.  She read books from the library.  And it worked. She improved upon her skills.  And she has become very successful at Shelf Reliance. 

Why not you?

I know you can do it.  You are smart.  You are committed.  You are ready.

Decide right now that you are going to be a Shelf Reliance Rock Star.

     Today’s Notes 

Thank you for participating in the 30 Days to a better Shelf Reliance Business.  I would love to hear what you thought of the program.
What was your favorite day?
What did you learn? 
What items from the program have you implemented into your business?
Your feedback will help me with the next installment. 

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