Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 7: Questions, Handbook, Company Policies, and FAQs

Today’s Task:   Read through the Consultant Handbook, Company Policies, and FAQS.

 Anytime you start something new there is a learning curve.  At the start there is a lot to learn, and much of your time is spent reading, asking questions, and trying things out.  Questions are good.  A question shows that you are working on understanding your business and are putting forth the effort needed.

Today we are going to compile a list of questions you have about Shelf Reliance, the home party program, and being a consultant.  You are than going to find the answer to these questions. Don’t worry if you don’t have the answers yet.  You will soon.

Today’s Worksheet 

You need:
·        Print out of the Shelf Reliance FAQs
·        A print out of the Shelf Reliance Company Policies
·        Shelf Reliance Questions Worksheet—It is 2 pages and you will need both.  The first page is questions that consultants regularly ask the second is the questions that you have.
·        Pen
·        Highlighter.

1.     Read through the questions on the worksheet.  If you know the answer already write it down.  If you don’t know the answer write down where you can look for the answer.
On the second page of the work sheet write in the questions you have about Shelf Reliance.
2.     Read the Home party Consultant Training Manual, The Shelf Reliance FAQs and the Shelf Reliance Company Policies.  As you find an answer to one of the questions write it down on the work sheet.
3.     After readings through all three documents contact your enroller (or upline) with any questions you have not found an answer to. 

Today’s Notes

Several months ago I had the opportunity to do some new consultant training with Andrew Haws, the Customer Service Manager at Shelf Reliance.  During the presentation Andrew mentioned that of the top reasons on the list of why consultants call customer service was the double dip.   I got to wondering what other things were on Andrew’s list.
I don’t really like to call customer service, don’t get me wrong they are very nice and always helpful, but I would personally rather do something right the first time than spend my time on the phone with customer service.   I asked Andrew what else was on the list, and he sent me their top ten questions.  Frankly I was surprised by them.  They were all basic questions that are answered in the materials Shelf Reliance already provides for customer.  Page one of today’s worksheet is based off of the top ten questions that Andrew sent me.

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