Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 29 Addressing Concerns


Today’s Task:  Create a list of customer/consultant concerns and how you can address them.  

Potential customers, hosts, and consultants have concerns.  As a consultant it is important that you know what common concerns are and have a way to address them. 

Recently I attended the Logan Opportunity meeting and Sherry Brower spoke about how she thinks it is best to bring the concern up in your presentation.  That way you can address it and move on.  

You can see Sherry’s entire presentation below. 

Today your task is to look through the list of common concerns people have and develop an answer to their concern. 

For example:   A common concern that people have about purchasing products on the Q is “how can I afford that?” my favorite way to address that is to talk about reallocating grocery money (which is already in their budget) and placing a Q order with that money.  I integrate that into my presentation so that the concern is addressed.

Today’s Worksheet:  Resolving Concerns

Today’s worksheet:  Day 29 Resolving Concerns

Potential Customers Concerns
How to Address it
Cost—how does it compare?


Ingredients and Allergens

Shelf Life

Will my family like it?

Potential Host Concerns
How to Address it
Don’t have time

Don’t have friends

I’m not a party person

I don’t have a big enough house

What concerns do potential consultants have?
How to Address it
Cost of the starter kit

Requirements/Sales Quotas

How many consultants are in my area

I’m not a sales man

I just want to build up my food storage

     Today’s Notes 

It is critical that you take the time to work through these concerns yourself, because you probably have some of them.  If you are not convinced that being a consultant is a great way to build your food storage than it will be difficult for you to explain how it is to an potential consultant. 

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