Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 19 Getting A Problem Solved

Today’s Task:   Create a contact sheet so you know who to contact when you have a problem.   

As a consultants you are going to have questions.  So who do you contact? 

Your upline is your first and best place to go for help.  

To find out how is in your upline go to Upline Consultants  (you will need to be logged in).

Today’s Worksheet: 

Today's task is very straight forward.  I want to you decide who you are going to ask for help when you need it.  Then when you have a problem you will be ready to get it solved.

Print it out.
Fill it out.
Tape it up.

  Today’s Notes 

Helpful Contact Info:

You can reach the Customer Service Department at any time during regular business hours. However, the phone lines are most available between the hours of 2:00pm to 6:00pm.

Phone Customer Service
801-756-9902 (Utah County)

Toll Free


Visit (or pick up orders)
691 South Automall Dr.
American Fork, Utah 84003
(Click here for map)

Monday - Friday:  9 to 6 MST
Saturday:  9 to 5 MST
Sunday:  Closed

E-mail Addresses:
Questions or concerns you have about a specific order, shipping times, website glitches etc.  Remember to include all of the details about the order. (customer name, customer e-mail address, order number, what the problem is,  how to contact you etc)
Contact Bart with any questions you have about Shelf Reliance's emergency supplies. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

·        Contact Mike for approval of all marketing materials you would like to use on your website / blog.  
·        Also contact him for approval to advertise on any other site.

·        Contact Shannon for questions about commission. 
·        Please remember to contact her promptly if you have an issue with commission. 
·        Any commission dispute needs to be addressed before the 5th of the month.

·        Use this email address to provide feedback on the website and products. 
·        You can also send feedback directly from the back end by using the blue tab on the left side of the screen. 
·        When you are leaving feedback about website problems be very specific about the problem you are having.  I find that including a screen shot of what is happening to be very helpful in getting the problem resolved. .
Contact to schedule a pick up time.   

Things to know about Will Call:
·        Pick up in at the American Fork Facility, customers picking up an order should enter through the North East doors.  Will call will happily load the order into your car for you.

·        Be sure to include all of the order numbers that you will be picking up and the date and time that you desire to pick them up. 

·        The will call desk does not read their e-mail  over the weekend, so if you want to pick up an order on Monday you need to e-mail Will Call on Friday. 

·        Will Call requires 24 hours of notice prior to pick up.

·        A common misconception about will call is that they have all order that were marked “American Fork Pick Up”  just sitting there waiting to be picked up.  They don’t.  The day of your scheduled pick up Will Call pulls and boxes your order, early in the morning so it will be ready at your scheduled time.   Will Call has a very limited amount of space to hold pending orders.

·         If an item that you are scheduled to pick up is backordered when you pick it up.  You will be shipped the item when it becomes available at no additional charge.

·        What if you don’t pick up your stuff?  Will Call has a very small area to store orders and can only store orders up to 3 day, so if you fail to pick up your order you will need to reschedule a pick up.

Things to know about manual orders

·        Use this email if you need to get a quote for a specialty food rotation system.  Customers can purchase a wide variety of configurations of Food Rotation Systems, contact manual orders to find out if the configuration is available and how much it will cost.
·        Manual Orders can arrange to have something shipped to Alaska / Hawaii that is not on the Hawaii / Alaska price list.
·        Do not include credit card info in emails.  Just your order and address and a phone number where they can reach you to get your CC info.

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