Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running A Shelf Reliance Business Online

"Can I be a Shelf Reliance Consultant and only sell online? 
Over the past few weeks I have received a lot of interested from potential consultant that are interested in doing online sales only.  
The answer is yes you can be a consultant and only sell online.  There are very successful Shelf Reliance consultants who sell exclusively online. 
I run a large part of my business online and I have found great success. 

Things to know about running a Shelf Reliance Business online
  • As a consultant you would need a consultant url ($9.99 a month) through which people can purchase products directly through you.  You can check out my URL and at
  • Consultant URLs are cookie based.  The cookie lasts for 30 days.  So if a customer shops your site but does not purchase and then returns and purchase from than you get credit for the sale. 
  • Many consultants successfully market their products online through blogs, websites, adds, and giveaways.
  • Consultants may not sell product through auction sites like e-bay.  
  • Consultants receive commission of 10% on all sales (including online sales)
  • Consultants receive the host benefit (10% in product sales) in free product off all online sales through their URL.

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