Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 5 Find A Shelf Reliance Buddy

I realize that I already posted a task for today, so let me explain.  I don't work on Sundays and I like to think that there are other people that don't work on Sunday so I am posting Sunday's task today.  Feel free to work on it on either day.  

Today’s Tasks:   Find a Shelf Reliance Buddy.      

I have found that one thing that makes being a Shelf Reliance Consultant easier is having a buddy.  

Advantages to having a Shelf Reliance Buddy
1.     You gain feedback on ideas before you invest a lot of time or money into them.
2.     You have a person to vent to, who understands.
3.     You can work together on expos, and event, team promotions, and projects.
4.     You can help each other out in a pinch.  For example you are out of catalogs and they are on back order.  Your buddy might have a few she could sell you.
5.     You can duplicate work.  How many times have you thought “I wonder if anyone has written a letter to their inactive Qs encouraging them to activate?” When you have a buddy you can share the letter you wrote or  use the letter they shared.
6.     You can help each other stay motivated.
7.     You have someone to celebrate with.  

Where to find a buddy
1.      Look around at the consultants you already know. 
a.      Your Enroller is an excellent option for a Shelf Reliance Buddy.
b.     Your downline
c.      Attend training events and talk to other consultants. You could be sol bold as to stand up and ask if anyone else is interested in working together at expos or whatever it is you are interested in).
d.     Find those geographically close to you by asking on the discussion forum, asking your up line, and paying attention.
e.      Sign them up.  Have you had the thought “I wish Jane was a Shelf Reliance Consultant she would be perfect to work with”  If so go and talk to Jane, and tell her what you are thinking. 

Advice on Building a Buddy Relationship:
  • Make it mutually beneficial—these relationships work well when both of you come out of the interaction better off.  It is give and take.  Make a concerted effort to make sure you are giving as much as you are taking.  If you have a great idea than share it.  If you have created a great document then share it. 
  • Find someone in your geographic area—this one is not an absolute, but having some physically located near you has huge advantages. 
  • Find another consultant on your level—when you approach someone who is at about the same place in their business as you have more to offer each other.  If you are a mentor who is comfortable doing parties and starting to think about team building than find someone else who is facing the same situations and issues you are.   Often I find that brand new consultants want to be buddies with Platinum Executives (don’t we all?) who has been working the business for several years.   And while there’s nothing wrong with building a relationship with Platinum it is more beneficial to both of you if you are going through similar challenges. 
  • Make each others business better—commit to making each other’s business better.  As consultants we are very focused on our own business, our own parties, customers and consultants (and you should be) it can be very powerful when you take that attitude to another person’s business.
  • Lend a hand when you can—most people would agree that what goes around comes around.  Lending someone a hand when you find yourself in a position to do so is not only kind, but is will be remembered. 

Today’s Notes

A buddy relations ship is collaboration.  You are not going to run their business and they are not going to run yours.  A buddy is someone you can meet for coffee, or sodas, or at the park and talk Shelf Reliance.  You can bounce ideas off them, you can work events together.  You are both working to strengthen each other.

Today’s Worksheet

Find a Shelf Reliance Buddy

My Buddy



Phone number

Best time to talk

What can I offer?

What can we work together on?

What can I share with them?

We are going to get together on:

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