Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 10: Get to Know Your Upline

Today’s Task:   Get to know your upline.  
I have a large downline.  In fact there is a good chance you are in it.  Yet I very rarely receive any feedback on the information, training, events, and other things I provide for my team.   And by rarely I mean almost never.  Every once in a while someone will tell me that they liked that event, or they have a question about what I said in that video.  And I love it when they do.  I am so excited when someone on my team tells me that they need help understanding water purification options (or whatever) because it helps me focus my efforts on giving them what they want/need. 

Today we are going to take a look at what you upline does, and how you can help them help you.

How do you find out who is in your upline? 
Click on Upline Consultants –the name listed at the top is your enroller, followed by his/her enroller, and then by her/his enroller.  It is okay to contact anyone on the list. 

You will have the most interaction with your enroller, but you should be having some interaction with the other two levels. 
If your enroller is inactive please contact one of the other two levels and let them know your situation and ask to be included in whatever they are doing with their first level.

Today’s Worksheet:

1.     Using the Day 10 Worksheet, make a list of the things that your upline has done in the past that you really liked.

2.     Than make a short specific list of things they could do in the future that would really help you.

3.     E-mail or call your upline and pass on both lists.   

Great Things My Upline Has Done
Enroller—1st level
2nd level
3rd level

Suggestions for the Future
Enroller—1st level
2nd level
3rd level

Okay now that you have both of your lists written out.  It is time to pass that info on.   Write some e-mails.  Write one to each member of your upline, or write one general one and send it to all three levels.  Something along the lines of the e-mail below would be great.  Remember that by the time you get to the third level there are a lot of people to remember, so a short introduction is very helpful.

Example Letter:
Dear __________________,

I’m working on the Thirty day challenge that Heather over at Shelf Reliance Leaders is doing this month.  Today’s task was to get to know you.
A little about me:  my name is Heather and I have been a consultant on your team for almost two years.  I am so appreciative of all the training and help you have given me.  I especially love it when you
·        Pass along e-mails that you are sending to your customers.  This saves me a ton of time.   The Screamin’ Deal e-mail you send out this week was excellent. 
·        Share training materials that you have developed that I can pass on to my team.  I have really used the info  about taxes that you sent out.  It was exactly what I needed.
·        Notice and recognize my accomplishments.   I so appreciate it when you recognized me at the last team event.  I know that you put a lot of thought and effort into it and your recognition was so motivating for me.

Next time you are planning training I would really appreciate it if you could include a few of the following topics that I am working on:
·        Recruiting consultants
·        The new emergency supplies. 


  Today’s Notes

Please be respectful of your upline’s time.  I have not had a problem with consultants taking up excessive amounts of my time, but I do hear of consultants who want to spend hours on the phone with their enroller on a regular basis.   Remember that you upline is happy to help and is very busy.   By keeping your conversations concise and on topic you do them a service.

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